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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Toy Elephant, Throats and Progress...

To Pascal's Toy Elephant studio last night to begin work on new material.

There have been many triumphs and disasters in this room - we have both learnt along the way how to use the space to its best advantage - the coat rack has been a vocal booth many times, rugs have been thrown over every exposed surface to aid soundproofing, we once ran a mic lead in to the bathroom to test the ambience but it would appear that even Hackney's finest Armitage Shanks facilities could not rise to the occasion...

I have recorded here at most times of the day or night - once rehersing a live set til the downstairs neighbour could take it no more, texting threats and hammering on the ceiling and once at the crack of dawn, the early start being the only way my voice could get in a low enough register to complete the BV's in 'Candyman'.

I have had much trouble with my voice over the years - a continually dry, rasping, irritated and inflamed throat, particularly during busy periods of vocal activity, had me terrified at one point I had nodules on the vocal chords. I was hurried to a Harley Street type who, although beautifully attentive, had no idea what the cause of the trouble was but wrote me a £40 prescription anyway. I even thought it was a side effect of my asthma medication so the helpful choice was then narrowed to a) the possible end to throat problems or b) a probable future whereby I climb flights of stairs with all the agility of an elderly gentleman...

And so it went on.

Until, by accident, I read an article on a vocalist who had been to see a throat specialist in the US - he informed her that red wine (tick), dairy products (hmm, sort of tick) and consuming mint (triple tick!) all irritate the blood vessels in the throat. No more peppermint tea during rehersals, no more red wine after gigs, no more wheels of Gouda on stage, no more compulsive clearing of throat 20 million times a day....


Willis - 'Here Is Where Loves Lives (Acoustic) 120411 by Willis

Coming along nicely...

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