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Sunday, 3 April 2011


I have just watched the documentary film 'Catfish' which centres around our universal fascination/obsession with Social Networking. It's very, very good if very, very troubling...

It could be up there with other favourites - 'Man On Wire', 'Grey Gardens', 'Searching For The Wrong-Eye Jesus' (is that a documentary or a film...?), any of the Frederick Wiseman films my  lecturer (the late, great Peter Sykes) forced us to watch at 18, absorbing them in silence with our mouths open and never completely forgetting (apparently you can now buy Wiseman's back catalogue at the BFI shop and on his website - 'Hospital' is my personal favourite, with 10 or so minutes of continuous projectile vomiting...)
Anyway, bit of a tangent, but if I'm catching flies during one of these films then I know it's the one for me.
Without wanting to give anything away, by the end of 'Catfish' I was, however, rather squirming at how the story was unfolding - with both protagonists and film makers choosing to live each morsel of their existence via Facebook/Cinema the whole situation soon teeters on the farcical.
To witness how Social Networking sites can be manipulated is unsettling enough but to see people in 2011 still believing no-one will be interested in them mentally, emotionally and/or physically unless they purposefully construct another, more altogether 'attractive', reality is very upsetting.
It's getting worse, this Land of the Fake - false name, date of birth, hair, teeth, tan, nails, pretty much any body part you can lay your hands on (never mind that said 'part' might come clean off in said 'hand'). 

Hmmpffh, this on-line/media mularkey is so counter-productive I'm going to heed my own warning and stop typ....

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