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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Barbara Hepworth...and more new ideas...

Today I made Prune and Armangnac tarts, recorded some more ideas for Album No. 3 at Toy Elephant with Pascal and finished off knitting a scarf for a friends birthday.
I like making things and always have done.
I like the feeling of achievement on completion of a task (though, grant you, giving the toilet bowl a once over can certainly take the sheen off things for me - all 'tasks' are not alike).
I wondered why this was...?

My favourite place in England is the Barbara Hepworth museum in St. Ives, a haven of calm and creativity hidden behind an unassuming brick wall, where I once remember reading a quote from her where she explained that, even when her children were very small and she could no longer spend hours on end creating her beautiful sculptures, she tried to include a little bit of 'poetry' in her life every day.
Some people enjoy the on-going process of bringing something to fruition, the journey is the thing for them and it matters not how long the journey takes.
The journey is indeed an integral part of any process (particularly where music is concerned) but, aside from the excitement of the initial seed planting, the satisfaction for me comes at the point of standing back, hands on hips, totally spent and content with what I see or hear before me.
I know prunes aren't everyone's idea of poetry, but still...

Beautiful While It Lasted (Acoustic) 240411 by Willis

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