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Sunday, 20 March 2011


One of the most creative and generous multi-instrumentalists I know...

I first met Pascal Glanville about 4 years ago when I was originally looking for someone to help me master new software for solo live performance - despite everyone always telling me that a monkey could master Ableton and the like, my continued inability to tame technology remained proof that Darwin had a point...
Anyway, it soon became clear that Pascal shared my love of the musically sublime (and, occasionally ridiculous) and that it would have been a crying shame to let his talent and enthusiasm pass without trying to include him in future endeavours, be it live or otherwise.  Whilst we do not always share the same taste in music, we absolutely inspire one another in other ways, sharing anything that excites us enough to burrow a path towards new making new material together - I have often shown him a photograph, for example, to get across the mood I am trying to capture in the studio and he never, ever, looks at me like I'm a freak or imbecile for such methods. He completely gets it.
He once waxed lyrical about Emmylou Harris' 'Wrecking Ball' album even though I was insistent that I couldn't get into Daniel Lanois' production. He was right, I was a fool and it remains one of my favourite albums to date.

Talent aside, he has even fashioned equipment for me, not to mention feeding and watering me and, were it not for the fact that he lives on the route of the Devils Own Bus, the No. 30 between Marble Arch and Hackney Wick, our accquaintance would be nigh-on perfect.
A true gent if ever there was one...

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the new blog Wills. Found it via your enigmatic "Pascal" post on FB. I had the enormous pleasure of attending your Oxjam gig last November and you were accompanied by a guitarist - was that Pascal? Very pleased to read your cycling post! I assume you take your hat off? Am a bigtime cyclist meself. But not quite so pleased that you aren't using my photos on your new blog : - ( If you'd forgotten about them, they're here: I've also started doing portraits aswell as live, if you ever need some more. ATB Richard