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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

GarageBand...and Head...

Garageband! Home of the new '4-track style' recording device, or it is for me...

I have the technical ability of a knat, and the memory of a goldfish so, with these two talents combined, I have remarkably managed (with Mr. Glanville's help) to set myself up at home with a Fisher Price-esque facility that even I can get my head around.
Sometimes ideas come to you in a state of the art studio, in front of a vintage microphone, with a lovely engineer like Head(*) at the controls and the sun streaming through the windows.
Or, more often then not, the best ideas come to you on the bus, whilst you frantically hum them to yourself mantra-like on the way home, scramble up two flights of stairs (whilst looking for your keys) and then, and only then, do you try and regurgitate them into whatever home recording device you have cobbled together indoors. Twas ever thus, and twas ever thus this afternoon when this came out...
Here Is Where Love Lives 1 30.03.11 by Willis

*Head: (hed) - Definition; Wonderful recording engineer, live sound mixer, professional regaler of '(Tall) Tales From The High Seas', best known for his work with The Pyramids, PJ Harvey, Marianne Faithfull and Black Francis...


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  3. Aw, God bless the pair of you...Wx

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